You want to publish a book.

You’ve got a novel, a collection of short stories, a memoir, essays on a topic about which you are passionate. You believe in your work.

You want to be an independent author.

The days of the Big Six acting as the sole gateway to readers are over. Independent authors are embracing the market, producing quality print and ebooks, controlling their destinies, expanding and dissolving the definitions of style and genre.

How can Bannerwing Books help you publish your book?

Bannerwing Books was created to fill a need in the emerging digital publishing paradigm. We believe that every independent author should have affordable access to the services they need to succeed.

A La Carte Services

Vanity presses charge thousands of dollars for their services, but not every author requires every service. Not every author can afford these publishing packages. Instead, Bannerwing offers various services as needed. You purchase only the services you require.

  • Manuscript Assessment: The Bannerwing Betas offer a thorough and objective read through and critique of your book, focusing on story and character development, genre tropes, pacing and structure.
  • Editing: Bannerwing partners with a professional editor to offer exceptional service and affordable per-word rates.
  • Formatting: Bannerwing Books will format your book for print and ebook distribution.
  • Cover Art: Make your book stand out. We partner with a number of professional designers to achieve the right look for your book.

Contact us for information on services and pricing.


In addition to our a la carte services, we also accept submissions for publication under the Bannerwing Books imprint. What does this mean for an independent author? If accepted, we will provide you with your unique ISBN (ASIN for Amazon Kindle books), format your book, manage your sales, and assist you in creating a marketing strategy. We offer a basic set of ongoing promotional services, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ touts. You retain your copyright.

The Consignment Shop Model

Bannerwing Books neither pays advances, nor requires up front payments to publish an accepted manuscript. We operate on a consignment shop model, taking a small commission from the royalties earned by each sale. It will always be in our best interests to support and encourage our authors.

Who Are We?

Bannerwing Books is a collective of writing and editing professionals, founded  by Cameron D. Garriepy in 2012.

Angela Amman and Mandy Dawson are The Bannerwing Betas.
Roxanne Piskel is our editing services partner.

We are growing! Check back to see who we’re working with in the future!